Digital Services Rates

Ad/Logo/Web Design Time: $80.00/hour
includes logo & advertising design, website creation and/or maintenance

Admin Time: $50.00/hour
includes website submission, hosting & domain administration
and logo/advertising image transmittal

Website Design Price Guide

Domain names not included.*
This is only a guide – estimates are prepared individually.
Detailed & Deluxe Custom sites may include some photography.

Simple Website ~ $500.00 – $1,000.00
- basic home page & back pages
- basic site elements
- URL submitted to Google

Custom Website ~ $1,500.00 – $2,500.00
- custom home page
- custom back pages
- stylized site elements
- searchable pages and/or database
- interactive forms(s)
- galleries & gadgets
- URL submitted to Google & verified

Deluxe Website ~ $3,000.00 and up
- custom home pages
- unlimited custom back pages
- highly stylized elements
- searchable pages and/or database
- custom site applications
- interactive forms(s)
- galleries & gadgets
- URL added to Google & verified
- URL submitted to multiple search engines
- detailed business description submitted to Google & Yahoo
- technical support
- various other features

* Domain names are not included but we will gladly register a domain for you or assist you in setting up an account in which you can register your own domain.
50% of project estimate required as deposit for all new customers


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